Jaye Ho - Fine Artist



I am a British artist, born in Oxford to Singaporean and Malaysian parents. I grew up there until heading off to London to study Fine Art at Central Saint Martins (BA Hons) and The Slade (MFA). 

I am interested in misinformation, urban mythology, paradoxes and military structures. I explore these themes by looking at physical and psychological interactions between man and nature.

I have exhibited in the UK and internationally. I now live and work in Hastings and London.

If you want to learn more about my art and influences, please click on the image below to watch my 7 min presentation on being an identical twin.

I'm thrilled to have Arts Council Funding to create a new body of work exploring war crimes. I start work on this in Oct 2019 and I will be showing my finished work at ONCA Gallery Brighton in June 2020. 

Here is a painting of Ieng Sary, one of the co-founders of the Khmer Rouge. This was inspired by the scratched photos of Pol Pot's cronies in S21, the notorious Khmer Rouge Prison.

I showed a couple of my paintings at Telescope at The Jerwood Gallery, Hastings at the beginning of 2019

Dazzleship NN201 closed on 29 October 2017, but thanks to Michael the owner, it remains in its dazzled paint-job. The boat can be seen on The Stade next to The Jerwood Gallery, Hastings.